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Obroża dla psa 'Comfot' Go Crazy!

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All of our products are handmade after your order. Buying one of our collars you will receive a product made specially for you and your dog!

The top layer is made with high quality 100% cotton. The interior layer of the collar is reinforced with polyester webbing that is strong up to 1200kg but is supple enough to move with your dog's neck and fits well.

Hardware is welded, strong and high quality. Each seam that holds the hardware is triple stitched for durability as well as safety. 

All of our products are made at the customer's orders so you can choose your favorite type, width and size of the collars and leashes. The collars have an adjustable length but only in certain extent.
To choose a lenght, measure your dog's neck and select the range in which it is. When your dog's neck is close to the range limit (i.e.: 39cm) please write this info in the Additional Information (you will find this text box in second step of placing an order)

Before you place an order, be sure that all three parameters are selected right - we will sew the collar according to those details!



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